Monday, October 26, 2015

Tsukineko Jumbo Dauber Storage Solution

I have a new love affair and it's with the Jumbo Dauber by Tsukineko.  Have you guys tried these out yet?  I have always struggled to get the beautifully blended backgrounds with my Ranger distress inks, until now.  

I started my love affair by dipping my toe in with 7 daubers (one for each color group), but it didn't take long for me to realize that I needed more (lots more so I took the plunge and recently ordered a 25-pack).  Then the "problem" arose with how I was going to store them... Enter cheap bead cases by Darice (seen HERE) that I found for $5 at Ross and I was even more in love (you can also find something similar in Michael's bead department).  I set the stacking bead jars that come in the case aside which I will use at another time and moved the daubers in.  

And here's how they look all snug in their case when closed.  Pretty darn perfect!  So for those who haven't tried these, I will try to explain why I think I love them so much.  Unlike other foam applicators they are sort of ball shaped.  That shape leaves little to no inky edges and lines in your blending.  It's pretty magical actually.  I think you won't be disappointed.  

I have heard several people say they wash theirs out and they come pretty clean, but I decided I didn't want to mess with waiting for them to dry between colors.

Here's a link to my Flickr album where I used them for all my recent Sunny Studio creations.  I have been so excited by my newly learned blending skill that almost every card started as a blank white piece of cardstock that I inked up to match my Copic coloring. ;)

Sunny Studio Stamps

For those who have these, I hope I've helped solve a problem with how to store them (this case is also the perfect size to fit in rows of the mini distress inks).  For everyone else, I hope you will give these jumbo daubers a try.  I'm not affiliated with the company who makes them--I'm just one very happy customer.  ;)


  1. WOW - these look wonderful and I love the little daubers - so these will definitely be tried out by me!!! Thanks for the introduction!! Your house card is beautiful and I can see the excellent blending you have done - you are SO REMARKABLE and I just love you and all your beautiful, marvelous creations!!!! Happy day to you!!!

  2. I've been wondering about those, because they're not flat so I thought they might do a better job, now confirmed it! Thanks so much!

  3. I've been wondering about those, because they're not flat so I thought they might do a better job, now confirmed it! Thanks so much!

  4. I'm definitely going to try these, and if I love them as much as you, I'll go for the case too! I struggle with those harsh lines no matter how lightly I try to blend with the Ranger ink blending tool. Thanks for the tip!

    1. I hope you fall in love with them--I think you will. I definitely couldn't blend a background before to save my life. :)

  5. Good tip. Will try it since i have one of those just waiting to be used.

  6. I have a few of the smaller daubers but I will have to give these a try... thanks for sharing the links and information. :)


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