Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pebbles Inc. Viewmaster Photo Collage for Father's Day

Hello there!  A couple weeks back on the Pebbles blog I shared this fun and easy layout focused on an enlarged viewmaster shape which I cut out on my Silhouette using a mix of Pebbles Cottage Living and Happy Day collections.

When Pebbles asked me to create a scrapbook layout for Father's day I was a little stressed.  Our family is notorious about forgetting to pull out the camera and document the day.  I decided that doesn't mean I can't still show my husband how much he means to me by using a photo collage of some of my favorite pictures of him over the years.

I searched online for various titles (I love to hit THIS site and THIS site) and this sweet phrase caught my eye.  It's a bit on the long side, but by some miracle it fit my available space perfectly.  I love that Pebbles offered these great Thickers in both black and ivory because it was just what I needed to break up the two lines and make it easier to read!  I think they are awesome for a masculine project too!  :)

To add a little extra detail and color, I added pennants to the bottom of my page layered with one of the beautiful gold metal labels.  I have always been a huge fan of bookplates so I am excited to see these making a comeback!  To tie in the black & gold Thickers, I printed my journaling using a white font in a black text box.  Sadly printers can't print in white ink so this is a great way to get around it.

To center my title on the curve I used a circle die (a bit larger than my journaling circle) and wrote out my title on a piece of scratch paper.  I then counted to the center of each line.  When I found the center mark, I was able to put down my letters down starting from the top, center part of my page (and again from the bottom, center) and work my way out on each side.  I thought I would have to really play with the letters to get them all to fit, but to my delight they all fell into place with natural spacing and very little fuss.

Centering A Title On A Curve Tutorial by Mendi Yoshikawa using the #CottageLiving collection by @PebblesInc. @SnippetsByMendi

The circle die was the perfect tool to push my letters against and keep everything looking straight.  When putting down my letters I just tried to imagine the center as a spoke of a wheel and to apply them radiating out from the center.  When I was done and had the letters just the way I wanted them, the die easily lifted right out.

Centering A Title On A Curve Tutorial by Mendi Yoshikawa using the #CottageLiving collection by @PebblesInc. @SnippetsByMendi

For my journaling I used a circle shape to type my journaling in Microsoft Word so I could figure out how many words would fit on each line.  When I had everything just right, I changed my circle line to transparent (or no line at all) before printing.  I then used the same circle die I had used to cut my patterned paper to trace a circle around my journaling.  Since the die's edge is slightly larger than where it actually cuts, it was a quick way to adhere my die-cut circle and get my spacing perfect.

Journaling in A Circle Tutorial by Mendi Yoshikawa using the #CottageLiving collection by @PebblesInc. @SnippetsByMendi

I then used photo splits to temporarily adhere my die-cut circle to my printer paper and ran it through my printer one more time.  Photo splits are the perfect adhesive for projects like this because they are not too sticky and can easily peel off afterwards.

Journaling in A Circle Tutorial by Mendi Yoshikawa using the #CottageLiving collection by @PebblesInc. @SnippetsByMendi

Here's one last look at the finished layout with a parting tip.  For my little photos I cut them apart leaving small borders around each and then taped them to the back of the viewmaster die-cut before adhering it to my 12x12 background.  If you don't have Photoshop, creating photo collages on a 4x6 photos using Picasa (which also happens to be free) is a great way to shrink and print smaller sized photos.  In case you missed it before I shared a tutorial on this process on Pebbles blog awhile back HERE.

I hope I've inspired you to scrapbook about an amazing man in your life this Father's Day!  Thanks so much for stopping by.  :)

Supplies Used (available at Simon Says Stamp)

Supplies Used (available at


  1. WOW WOW!!!! This is fantastic! I am in awe over this layout! You always AMAZE me Mendi! NO lie, you really do! I really love this viewmaster wheel so much and what a beautiful project to give to Yoshi on Father's day. He is going to love this. This is a beautiful gesture and a perfect way to show him that you appreciate him and love him. Love it!

  2. oh wow what an amazing layout!!! LOVE the way it looks like one of those view masters, they are so much fun, and this whole layout just rocks my world!!!

  3. Mendi, sometimes I am so bowled over, so overwhelmed by your projects that I just do not know what to say to convey how wonderful, how amazing, how incredible, and how delightful they are!! This is flat-out, totally and completely cool!! How awesome of you to think of this idea and then to be able to carry it out and make it look so professional and perfect!! You are seriously a marvel, and a genius when it comes to scrapbooking - all the details on this are amazingly done and the title is spot on - what a lucky man your husband is to receive such a tribute from you and your girls!!!


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