Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Couple of Lori Whitlock Digital Summer Scrapbook Layouts

Just popping in to share a new summer themed layout up on Lori Whitlock's blog using her newest digital collection being released today called Island Paradise (which is available for purchase at Snap.Click.Supply).  :)

To create my layout I turned to a fun sketch by the gals at Scrapbook Generation.  It made the design process super quick and I just loved working with these bright and fun digital papers and elements!

While I'm here I thought I would share a second layout I created a month or two back for Lori using her Patchwork Layout Template 2 and her Home Sweet Home collection.  These templates were so much fun to work with and I just love the impact they have with so little effort!

If you've never tried your hand at digital scrapbooking, I would totally recommended dipping your toe in with one of these fun templates.  I am making these in an effort to get a head start on my custom path Shutterfly photo books I make for my family every Christmas.  :)

Thanks for stopping by.  :)


  1. Mendi these layouts are so pretty! The first one is so fun, colorful and bright! Love that! And in the second layout, I just LOVE your family photo. And OMG the tulips!!!! Tulips are my favorite flower in the entire world. I love them and you were in a field of them! Where was that field at?? I want to put it on my bucket list!!! Now are these layouts completely digital or were they created by hand by you, using digital papers?

    1. Thank you! The tulip field is a festival located in Canby/Woodburn, Oregon (it's out between the two towns)--It's called the Wooden Shoe and you can read more about it here:

      As for the layouts they are completely digital, but I created them from scratch in the style of traditional scrapbooking by using circle and pennant masks/brushes to fill my shapes with the patterned paper (similar to die-cutting your traditional paper). :)

  2. Oh my gosh - there really isn't ANYTHING that you can't do!!! These layouts are so amazing and full of color and great pattern paper choices and they are digital - awesome plus super amazing!!! You are so terrific and you talent with colors and patterns make you such a pro at anything using those two things - also throw in a little embellishments and some stitching and you will make a masterpiece!!! Love these layouts!!!


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