Friday, June 27, 2014

A Pebbles Inc. Americana Red, White & Blue Birdhouse

With the Fourth of July fast approaching I thought it was time to finally share one of the fun projects I've been working on!  I decided to alter THIS unfinished wood birdhouse that I picked up for a steal using a coupon at Michaels using Pebbles darling new Americana Collection!

To start I painted all my "seams" with white paint (by seams, I mean any corners that might be visible after adding my paper).  I then set to work covering it with paper.  The most challenging spot was the front so I took out my ruler and created a template on a piece of office paper.  After I got it just right, I used it as a pattern piece to cut out my patterned paper.  It was my first time approaching a project this way and it was wonderful--Super nice not to not waste precious paper.  After I got the front done, the back was basically the same (minus the two cutouts).  Every thing else was straight and easy.  ;)

To decorate my house, I added the banner stickers from the collection onto printer paper and cut them out so that they would not be sticky and attract dust when on display.  The "Proud To Be American" sticker was the perfect size and position to have my perch come out of one of the flowers.  I cut a star and scalloped circle on my Silhouette and I was done.

This was a really fun little afternoon project to make and I love how the wood slat paper looks like a faux treatment on my real wood birdhouse.  Now I'm on the hunt for a cute red bird to inhabit it.  ;)

I'll be back on Monday to share a Patriotic layout from this same collection.  Thanks for hanging with me today.  :)

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  1. Wow - this is so cute and very professionally done! It looks like you were very precise and exact in making it!! I think you definitely deserve a pat on the back!!!


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