Friday, June 6, 2014

A Hello Kitty Layout with Doodlebug's New Sequins!!!

I have a layout up on Doodlebug's blog today featuring a new favorite:  SEQUINS!  I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I am in love with these.  There are so many fun ways you can use them and I love that Doodlebug's bottles come in so many colors with so many variations within each bottle!

I thought for my layout it would be fun to create a radiating design where the sequins started out more tightly placed and then got further apart as they move away from the circle.

To achieve this I started by adhering the bubble gum sequins about 3/16" apart (I just eyed it) along my die cut circle using Ranger's Glossy Accents.  I found that this adhesive worked well and was easy to apply in small amounts as I went.  I also discover after it dried I could easily flick off the beads of glue that oozed through the hole of some of the sequins.  As I progressed I just slowly set them further apart as I moved outward.

To complete my layout and create my visual triangle, I embellished with some Velvet Hydrangea flowers by Petaloo and topped them with Lily White Jewels.

If you haven't already, run to your nearest store and grab these.  They come both as larger bottles and in an awesome (and adorable) assortment pack.  The Doodlebug team will be sharing lots of cool ways to use these over the next two weeks so make sure to watch their blog.  ;)


  1. So pretty! The sequins are great colors, I use my set all the time :)

  2. This totally rocked my world - what an amazing layout and kudos to you for all that detail with the sequins!! You are so gifted and your creativity always shows through in your projects!!!

    1. Thank you Taunya! You're so sweet! :)

  3. Absolutely amazing! You must have tons of patience! I love what you did with sequins in your Mickey layout too! You are soo talented!

  4. Oh my Mendi!!! This layout is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I LOVE your idea on using sequins and spreading them out further and further apart as they move away from the circle.... you have such a creative eye my friend!


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