Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I love to organize and nothing more than organizing my craft supplies (sometimes I think I enjoy this part as much as scrapbooking itself). It takes me back to getting new school supplies as a kid! Anyway, I recently reorganized the way I store my flowers, ribbon and cardstock so I thought I would share my recent accomplishments...

Here's the custom cabinet I had made to fit a little nitch in my dining room. I am constantly changing what I store in here, but it's been pretty flexible for me...

I've always liked to organize my Bazzill cardstock by color, but I had all these DCWAV Cardstock stacks off to the side that I kept forgetting to use so I recently tore all the DCWAV cardstock out of their pads and now they are mixed together so hopefully they'll start getting used up.
Snippets By Mendi: Custom Scrapbook Cabinet to Hide Craft Supplies in Dining Room

The cabinet has two of these filing cabinet drawers that I use to sort my patterned paper by manufacturer. It's been a great system for me.

12x12 Hanging File Cabinet Drawers for 12x12 Scrapbook Paper by Mendi Yoshikawa

I bought this as a Christmas present for myself and I am in love... I hung this in our laundry room and it's been wonderful having everything visible in one spot. However, after this project I realized I'm not allowed to buy anymore flowers, ever!

Snippets By Mendi: Paper Flowers Craft Storage Organization

This is the way my ribbon used to be stored...

This is a new system I've slowly been collecting made by Cropper Hopper. Most of my local stores discontinued them, but I picked up 5 extra drawers at Tuesday Mornings last month which I was escatic about. How did I think all my ribbon was going to fit in 3 drawers?! At my friend's suggestion, I removed them all from the cards they came on and sorted them by color to make them easier to use (except for the American Crafts spools which are still stored in the organizer shown above and some larger spools which are stored in the larger cropper hopper spool drawers). After this project I realized it's yet another supply I can stop buying...
Snippets By Mendi: Cropper Hopper Ribbon Spool Drawer Organizers

These white cubicles line my other dining room wall and are slowly taking over. I like to organize my stamps, chipboard, rub-ons, bling, etc. in the drawers and have my completed pages stacked on several of the shelves which really need to be moved to those empty albums that I've been stocking up on... Since I don't scrapbook in order I dread this part so I only do it about once a year...

That big black blob you see in the photo above is 3 of these craft mate organizers. This is another organizer that I am completely hooked on. I think most craft stores have them with their beading department, but they are awesome for sorting your brads, buttons, eyelets and other small embellishments. Each compartment opens individually and they have a rounded bottom making it easy to scoop things out. :)
Brads, Buttons and Eyelets Storage by Mendi Yoshikawa using Craft Mates Bead organizers

I don't know why I took this picture, but this is a spare cabinet in the kitchen where I store some extra diecutting supplies. I think I have something in every room of the house, except for the three bathrooms. Ha! :)

Sizzix Sizzlits Storage by Mendi Yoshikawa

Well, there ya have it. To my non-scrappy friends, first off I'm sorry... LOL. Hopefully if nothing else it inspires you to tackle your own spring organization project. It's very addicting! Make sure to leave a comment and share your favorite organizational tips. :)


  1. I love it! It makes me want to go and wrap my ribbon! Ha! Mine is tangled in a basket! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mendi, my love-- you *might* just have yourself a very colorful little addiction there... ya think?! :) WOW, girl! I am not a scrapbooker myself-- I use iPhoto and send it to Bookmaker to publish 'em for me. But you go with your bad self!

  3. I'm totally blushing. Yes, I am beyond addicted. I think if there was some way of trapping myself under a heavy rock, I could easily go without buying anything else for a very long time. :D


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