Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Some of My Favorite Ways To Organize My Stash

Doodlebug Embellishment Craft Room Storage Tips by Mendi Yoshikawa

Hello there!  I'm popping in today with another peek into my crafty "woman cave" with a few of my favorite ways to stay organized.  The Doodlebug Team is sharing their rooms over the next two weeks and I thought I would join in the fun.  Just to keep things real, I must confess
 that I didn't have time to clean my space for the post so I've stolen these first few photos from one of my better days a couple years ago when I had completely reorganized.  While I do like a well organized space, my room hasn't looked this clean since then.  ;)

A Peek into Mendi Yoshikawa's Craft Room Studio

Snapshot #1: This first shot shows a little counter to the left of my entrance with a craft sink which just happens to be my favorite addition to my space.  It's been wonderful for cleaning up paint and ink projects.  My family likes to joke that all I need is a micro/fridge with a cot and I just might never leave.  ;)

Snapshot #2: The next photo shows my custom made movable island that has (4) 12x12 hanging file drawers on one side and shallow 12" shelves on the backside.  The cabinets to the right, along the wall make up my die-cutting station.  I love that I'm able to store all my dies in the cabinets there within arm's reach.

Snapshot #3: The next photo moves to the right of my die-cutting station and is the place where I spend the majority of my day.  It was important to me that my counters be 24" deep to give me extra storage space along the wall and still have room to work at my computer and assemble my cards & scrapbook pages when the keyboard is pushed out of the way. 

Shapshot #4: Moving along to the right again I have another seating area to keep my sewing machine out.  For those who know me, I love to sew on my paper craft projects so after years of balancing it on my washing machine and standing up to sew, it was really important to me to have a dedicated space for my machine.  I also store all my inks and stamping supplies in the cabinets in that corner (which due to my addiction has doubled in size since these photos were taken).

A Peek Into Mendi Yoshikawa's Craft Room Studio

The last storage spot in my space that I don't have a good picture for is two side-by-side closets to the right of my room entrance.  My closet doors swing open so I have added the Elfa Pantry Door Organizers from The Container Store to the insides where they can be hidden away. I'm seriously in love!  They can be customized in a dozen different ways--I was able to fit 8 hanging wire baskets on mine in three different size).  They're perfect for fitting extra embellishments and maximizing tight spaces that would otherwise be wasted.

Mendi Yoshikawa's Craft Room Embellishment Storage using Elfa Pantry Door Organizer

I like to use Doodlebug's Button Keeper jars to hold many of my small basic Doodlbug embellishments.  I sort them by color family and am really happy with how much space they save.  It's truly amazing how much extra room the packages were taking up and how much easier it is to dump them out in my hand and just pick the colors I'm looking for.  They also are a great fit with my Elfa medium basket.

Mendi's Craft Room Embellishment Organization using Doodlebug Button Jars

I'm using some some larger plastic jars that I got at Michaels several years ago to hold my Doodle twine (the Droppar jars from IKEA would also work nicely).  They are a great size for so many things (including sorting washi tape by color) and I am able to perfectly fit four of them in one of my large Elfa utility baskets.
Ideas for Doodlebug Craft Room Organization by Mendi Yoshikawa

Next up, I have some storage solutions using some of my favorite Interdesign / Linus clear acylic storage bins.  Most of these have been designed with the kitchen and refrigerator in my mind, but they are wonderful at organizing so much more.  I can't go to Ross, Marshalls or TJMaxx anymore without scouting to see if they got some new ones in stock.  I love to use THIS large 8" x 4" x 14.5" bin to hold my Doodlebug 6x6 Paper Pads.  I counted and I'm able to fit in 55 pads in one tidy space!  

To keep my loose scraps together with their coordinating pads I use THESE clear party favor bags which I trim down to 6" long and tuck under the front cover of each pad. 
Ways to Organize Your Doodlebug 6x6 Paper Pads by Mendi Yoshikawa

For my 6x12 Alphabet and Icon Cardstock Stickers, I use THIS 4" x 4" x 14.5" Freezer Bin.  It's a great length and they are easy to sort by color and theme.  Once again, I love that I am able to fit so much in a tight space and still quickly find exactly what I'm after.
How to Organize Your Doodlebug Stickers by Mendi Yoshikawa

Up next is a tip for storing Doodle Pops.  Hello my name is Mendi and I have a Doodle Pop addiction.  Linus Drawer organizers are so perfect for reining them in.  For my little dividers, I cut up some plastic file folders and rounded the corners with my corner chomper and then labeled them with my Brother label maker (which was completely inspired by how Jennifer McGuire stores her clear stamps).  ;)

Ways to organize your Doodlebug stickers & other small embellishments by Mendi Yoshikawa

To keep my Doodlebug sprinkles, jewels and pearls tidy I love THIS divided organizer.  It's just the right size for these and would work well for a variety of small embellishment packages.

How to Organize your Doodlebug Jewels, Sprinkles & Pearl Embellishments by Mendi Yoshikawa

Phew!  Are you still with me?  Thank you for joining me today.  I feel extremely blessed to have this special space after more than a decade of working from our dining room table (and storing my items in every room, but the bathroom).  With that in mind, I'm a firm believer in using whatever space you have to the fullest so I hope some of these organizational ideas will work for you whether you have a dedicated room or work from your kitchen.  

To see my previous "space" you can check out one of my very first blog posts I shared HERE (it's such a funny blast from the past for me).  While my surroundings have changed I still love and use all of the storage items I shared way back when.  ;)

Big Hugs!


  1. Oh man!!!! Totally drooling over your paper bin!!
    I don't have a LSS so I have never seen Doodlbug in a brick and mortar!
    Your projects always look bright and fun! (I also envy how CLEAN your space is!)

    1. Thank you. I envy how clean my space is too. ;) It's not actually that clean right now and I wish it was. :)

  2. Such a great space, Mendi! I also asked for a sink when we were redoing our basement and I was about to turn it into my craft room, but that would have doubled up the price of our little project and I had to settle for using the toilet sink next door. Thanks for letting us into your woman cave!!! x, Dennice

    1. Thank you Dennice. I have a feeling isn't wasn't exactly a cheap addition to my space either, but it was definitely easier since we were building. I'm kinda wishing I had added a bathroom downstairs, but then again my family might never see me if that were the case. ;)


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