Friday, December 18, 2015

Doodlebug Slam Dunk Basketball Themed Scrapbook Page

Hello there!  Earlier this week I shared a layout Doodlebug blog using the Slam Dunk collection.  

I have another little confession... I have zero physical coordination and I was always picked last in PE, but once upon a time I kept stats for my middle school and high school basketball teams.  Did I like Basketball before I started?  Well... Not exactly, but I did have a crush on a couple of the team members so it didn't take too much begging from my girlfriend to convince me to join her.  I actually ended up enjoying the game in the end though.  I pulled these pictures from my yearbook so I could properly document my brief brush with the sport.  ;)

To spell out my title I paired a basketball word sticker from the collection with Doodlebug's Tangerine Chippers.  I love how Doodlebug designed the Slam Dunk Doodlepop so that it perfectly layers over the same image with the This and That Sticker sheetI think they look so good together! 

At the opposite corner of my page, I balanced it out with another doodle pop layered with the date using more stickers from the This and That Sticker sheet and some Slam Dunk and star sprinkles.

I had a lot of fun with this and I'm pleased with how it all fell together.  I hope I've inspired you to pull out some old photos and document your own Middle School and High School memories.

Interested in the other products I used to create my projects today?  To make supplies easier for you to find, I have listed them below (affiliate links included). 

Supplies Used (available at


  1. Well who would have known? hehehe. Great layout my friend! Love the colors and love the design completely! Great yearbook photos too. I'm guessing your the girl in the striped shirt? I used to play basketball back in junior high. I don't follow it as much anymore as I used to but its a great sport!

    1. Yep, In the one in the stripes. I honestly don't follow the sport closely anymore either, but if I had to chose one to watch it would be basketball. It helped that the Portland Trailblazer's had some good years while I was in high school. ;)

  2. I really like your red and white cards.

  3. I love October: Doodlebug Daily Doodles. I love the way you did the squares and accented the pictures. I also loved the owls.

  4. I like the doodlebug back to school one!

  5. The snowy and sunny day layouts are my favorites!

  6. June: Pebbles Inc. Cottage Living and Happy Day IS MY FAV. I love how it is nostalgic of the old viewfinders. That was my fav toy growing up. :)


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