Friday, October 28, 2011

A Ground Breaking Week! :)

After over a year of daydreaming, scheming and planning the designs for our new house, it was seriously exciting to take a big step towards it becoming a reality this week with breaking ground! Yipee! My daughter said as we pulled up and saw them digging a bit earlier than planned on Monday afternoon I had the biggest smile plastered across my face. I'll take her word for it...

We were blessed with particularly nice weather all week long and what was supposed to be a one-day excavation (although I never thought that would be possible) has turned into a 5-day excavation. These photos were taken around lunchtime on day 3. Now he has one more day of digging and then they will be ready to pour foundation (insert another happy dance by me). :)

Due to the intense slope from left to right on our lot in the backyard we have decided to bring in a couple rock walls in an effort to level it out and make the backyard more useable so they are building the wall now while they can still get their big machinery in before the foundation gets in the way...

Here is a lovely picture showing the sad reality of our new driveway. It may stink for rollerblading and riding a bike without flipping over the handlebars, but it will be awesome for winter sledding (Maybe Yoshi will finally be forced to give up and stay home on icy snow days--Yeah!)

This last picture is just an amazing cross-section of our soil. It sort of looks wet, but it's clay soil that has proven to be difficult to dig through. Sort of like a beautiful sculpture actually, but the culprit for our "one-day excavation" turning into 5 days. :)

So exciting!
God is good! :)

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