Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hero Arts Thinking of You Girly Princess Cards

Just thought I'd share a couple cards I made to mail to Sydney and Hayley who are Japan with Daddy for 13 days. Made use of a my huge hero arts order I placed several months back. I just love these!

I also made an extra one of the "hug" cards to mail to Jennifer for Grace. Info on her card drive can be found here

I also made this special magnet for Grace to include in her card using the Spellbinder die, hero art stamps, an old advertisement magnet and LOTS of paper glaze. I loved making it, but there was a huge learning curve for me with the paper glaze. It's so wet that it completely distorted my cloud stamp and grass stamp to look like some odd dreamy airbrush technique (note to sell: next time use Memento ink for everything). My second problem came in trying to move it to a better place to dry (away from my cat who likes to sleep on the table where I work). After painstakingly removing all air bubbles (and spending more than an hour on it up to that point) it fell and faceplanted into the carpet. Eak! I didn't know what to do first--Save the carpet which had blue and green paper glaze bleading into it or trying to salvage this project. The butterflies were added to hide where I stuck my finger in trying to see if it was dry (smack myself in the head). In the end I think it still turned out cute, but I will know better when I make more for my own girls. :)

Thanks for stopping by. :)

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I recently made some teacher christmas gifts w/ resin & had similar experiance. What a mission! Its funny bec I loved how they turned out but....learning curve did a fabulous job though & the finished product is what counts ;)


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