Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Long Overdue Update

I'm seriously sheepish that it has taken me 4 months to update this blog with a new post. I'll try my best to touch on a few of the highlights of each month...

After we got back from Japan I took this awesome online 9-week FREE class called "Thinking Inking" by Jennifer McGuire over at She completely opened my eyes to a whole new world of stamping, inking and painting on my projects. Here are a few of my favorites that I made practicing the techniques covered:

Faux Watercoloring with Distress Inks
Playing with Ranger's Crackle Paints

More Crackle Paints and Diamond Glaze

Alcohol Inks (butterfly cut with Silhouette Machine)

Dripping Alcohol Inks

Alcohol inks on clear tag/ Stamped Flourish with Stazon

Applied Rub-ons on clear plastic Heart and then applying alcohol Inks

Heat Emboss and Crayon Resist with Distress Inks

Heat Embossed Resist with Distress Inks

For anyone who loves to dabble in anything crafty I highly recommend popping on over at 2peas to check out her class or doing a search for "Jennifer McGuire" on you-tube. She's so talented and fun to watch!

Camping at Honeyman State Park- July 23~26

Moriah's Brother-in-law brought his ATV and Moriah and I rode together. This picture of us was taken just as our tires lifted on off the ground and we were screaming our heads off. So fun!

Daria being goofy in Moriah's tiny RV tub...

Enjoying some Smores

Hittin' the Beach...

I was busy preparing an insane number of auctions for the Back-to-school shopping rush. In fact it was my largest undertaking in my history with Ebay with over 1200 items. Needless to say my August was spent being overwhelmed with trying to keep up and very little sleep inbetween. Here's a photo of some of the chaos in early August (this is actually before I added in about 10 more bags from the garage). LOL.

Around labor day Hayley, Yoshi and I came down with symptoms similar to the swine flu without perhaps the severity (like my fever only lasted for 2 days vs. 1 week), but it was followed with a month of feeling generally cruddy. It took all of us awhile to get over it, but with the abuse I had been putting my body through for 6 straight weeks, I think it hit me harder.

Sydney's First day of Third Grade:

Hayley's first day of Preschool:

A few pictures from Sydney's 9th Birthday (a slumber party):

After 3 years of gaining weight and honestly being a bit embarrassed to face my doctor I finally made an appointment with her and I'm so glad I did! To my delight she diagonosed me with Hypothyroidism and prescribed me some much needed medication. I have been so relieved to know the cause of for my fatique, dry skin, hair loss and extra weight! Woo-Hoo!!! Sadly I'm still waiting on some results but she said it could be 6 months before I feel the effects so I'm holding my breath and crossing my fingers. LOL! :)

A Visit to Lee Farms on October 11th

Some pictures from Hayley's 4th Birthday Party on October 17th

The girls dressed up as matching "Poodle Girls" from the 1950's for Halloween and Sydney's friend, Emily was Hannah Montanna.

My month has been spent making Christmas cards, selling Holiday Dresses and pajamas on Ebay and just kicking back enjoying our new Netflix subscription. I have fallen in love with Ally McBeal all over again. Man, I forgot what a good show that was! And being able to watch movies and TV series instantly on my TV (with that magic ROKU box) all for the bargain price of $8.99 a month has made me a huge fan of theirs! I've been trying to talk Yoshi into turning off our dish for a month to see if we miss it, but funny enough he's doesn't want to live without it now (funny because I had to beg him to get it in the first place when we moved here).

Well that just about brings us up to date. I love hearing from you so make sure to leave a comment to say Hi. :)

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