Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Page Maps Blog Challenge

So for anyone who knows me well, I am a huge fan of Becky Fleck and her amazing sketches at I'm so in love that I find myself using them for almost everything I do now. Anyway, I love to participate in all her blog challenges so I thought I would share my take on it this month's challenge.

Here's the sketch I needed to use...

Here's my take on it (You can click on photo to enlarge)...

I took these senior portraits of my little sister, Meranda, who's graduating from High School this Friday. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was graduating and she's 16 years younger! Where did the time go??? I guess I'm getting "old" and I don't want to admit it. LOL.

Anyway, I was super happy with how quickly the page went together (like 2 hours which is about as fast as I ever get) and yet it's still one of my favorites. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I love to organize and nothing more than organizing my craft supplies (sometimes I think I enjoy this part as much as scrapbooking itself). It takes me back to getting new school supplies as a kid! Anyway, I recently reorganized the way I store my flowers, ribbon and cardstock so I thought I would share my recent accomplishments...

Here's the custom cabinet I had made to fit a little nitch in my dining room. I am constantly changing what I store in here, but it's been pretty flexible for me...

I've always liked to organize my Bazzill cardstock by color, but I had all these DCWAV Cardstock stacks off to the side that I kept forgetting to use so I recently tore all the DCWAV cardstock out of their pads and now they are mixed together so hopefully they'll start getting used up.
Snippets By Mendi: Custom Scrapbook Cabinet to Hide Craft Supplies in Dining Room

The cabinet has two of these filing cabinet drawers that I use to sort my patterned paper by manufacturer. It's been a great system for me.

12x12 Hanging File Cabinet Drawers for 12x12 Scrapbook Paper by Mendi Yoshikawa

I bought this as a Christmas present for myself and I am in love... I hung this in our laundry room and it's been wonderful having everything visible in one spot. However, after this project I realized I'm not allowed to buy anymore flowers, ever!

Snippets By Mendi: Paper Flowers Craft Storage Organization

This is the way my ribbon used to be stored...

This is a new system I've slowly been collecting made by Cropper Hopper. Most of my local stores discontinued them, but I picked up 5 extra drawers at Tuesday Mornings last month which I was escatic about. How did I think all my ribbon was going to fit in 3 drawers?! At my friend's suggestion, I removed them all from the cards they came on and sorted them by color to make them easier to use (except for the American Crafts spools which are still stored in the organizer shown above and some larger spools which are stored in the larger cropper hopper spool drawers). After this project I realized it's yet another supply I can stop buying...
Snippets By Mendi: Cropper Hopper Ribbon Spool Drawer Organizers

These white cubicles line my other dining room wall and are slowly taking over. I like to organize my stamps, chipboard, rub-ons, bling, etc. in the drawers and have my completed pages stacked on several of the shelves which really need to be moved to those empty albums that I've been stocking up on... Since I don't scrapbook in order I dread this part so I only do it about once a year...

That big black blob you see in the photo above is 3 of these craft mate organizers. This is another organizer that I am completely hooked on. I think most craft stores have them with their beading department, but they are awesome for sorting your brads, buttons, eyelets and other small embellishments. Each compartment opens individually and they have a rounded bottom making it easy to scoop things out. :)
Brads, Buttons and Eyelets Storage by Mendi Yoshikawa using Craft Mates Bead organizers

I don't know why I took this picture, but this is a spare cabinet in the kitchen where I store some extra diecutting supplies. I think I have something in every room of the house, except for the three bathrooms. Ha! :)

Sizzix Sizzlits Storage by Mendi Yoshikawa

Well, there ya have it. To my non-scrappy friends, first off I'm sorry... LOL. Hopefully if nothing else it inspires you to tackle your own spring organization project. It's very addicting! Make sure to leave a comment and share your favorite organizational tips. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Feeling Invisible

I just put the finishing touches on this layout today. I did this one for a minimalist challenge where you were only allowed to use one piece of cardstock and one piece of patterned paper (with no other embellishments unless made from those two pieces of paper). Wow! What a challenge! Not only is this a huge departure from my usual style of mixing 3 or 4 different patterned papers, but I had to find a way to do my journaling on that dark navy background without printing it on another lighter cardstock so I finally journaled by hand! Can ya believe it?

My title was cutout on my silhouette. I cut my 12x12 paper in half so it would fit on the cutting mat and then taped it back together and hid the seam uner the blue band. :)

About this photo... I found it when I went to download my photos onto my computer and was completely blown away. Apparently Sydney had nabbed my camera and took this shot of herself when I wasn't looking. She does this quite often, but this one turned out amazing I thought! :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've Been Scraplifted! :)

How cool is this?! On a whim I decided to google my own name tonight to see what popped up and I found two different people who scraplifted my layout published in last year's Memory Maker Magazine.

Here's Mine:

And here's the link to theirs:

I feel so flattered to be copied. And how sweet of them to credit me.

Friday, May 15, 2009

25 Things You Maybe Didn't Know About Me...

I decided what better way to start off this blog than some random info about my life so here it goes...

1. I'm a huge Keri Russell fan. I think "Felecity" was my all time favorite TV show and now I flock to see anything she's in.

2. I hate coffee, but I'm seriously addicted to Dr. Pepper. I get withdrawal headaches if I wait too late in the day to pop open a can.

3. There's nothing sweeter than afternoon naps with my family. I've been known to take Hayley for a warm drive in the late afternoon knowing she will likely fall asleep and we can snuggle up back at home.

4. I have visited more foreign countries than states. 12 Countries (China, Taiwan, Japan, England, France, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Holland & Canada) vs. 9 States (CA, OR, WA, FL, HI, VA, NY, WY, ID). Before I met Yoshi I think I had only seen 3 West Coast states which makes me laugh with great satisfaction at a teacher who discouraged me from getting married before taking time to travel first.

5. I must organize my closet by the colors of the rainbow, putting green shirts with green shirts, blue with blue, etc.

6. With my dislike for cooking, Yoshi and I negotiated a cooking arrangement where I make dinner on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, he cooks on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and we eat out religiously on Friday nights (hand's down our family's favorite night of the week). If there's another special occasion to eat out I try my best to schedule it on my night to cook. LOL. :)

7. I'm very particular about the way my laundry is folded and will redo it if someone is nice enough to help and does it another way.

8. I still eat like a kid. The only green food I will happily eat is a Chicken Caesar Salad from Costco. On Yoshi's dinner nights he "sneaks" finely chopped veggies into all the food he cooks (he's even tried to hide it my hamburger Pattie- Let's just say he didn't hide it well enough). :)

9. I have memorized the postal rates by ounce and the prefixes for all 50 states.

10. While in NYC, Sandi and I won tickets to see Live with Regis and Kelly and met Chris Rock outside the Late Show with David Letterman (and saw Bill Clinton and Lance Armstrong walk by).

11. I'm a lousy morning person so I have trained Sydney on how to get herself ready for school in the morning. If Hayley wakes me up too early, I stumble to the kitchen to make her a Eggo Waffle and go back to sleep while she watches the Disney Channel next to me. Man! I'm starting to sound like a terribly lazy Mom, aren't I?!

12. I've only had one glass of alcohol my entire life. It was a pina colada drink on my 21st birthday and I preferred the virgin version. I've never tried smoking either, but I've dreamt about having a terrible craving for a cigarette. How weird is that? Maybe a good sign I never gave it a try or I might be addicted today.

13. I think I love Disney Theme Parks more than my kids which is saying a lot because of course they love them too.

14. I love to watch every last bonus feature on DVD's and am greatly annoyed when a movie doesn't have any. I enjoy listening to the director commentaries and hearing the behind-the-scene scoop. Sometimes I feel like I missed my calling working on movie sets.

15. Given the choice, I would much rather tour a large city and take in the great architecture, artwork and culture than sit sunbathing on a beach or climbing a mountain. Of course I sunburn like crazy so sunbathing is out of the question anyway. The one exception to this statement is I like snorkeling and our family did a mild hike along the Grand Tetons which I halfway enjoyed. ;)

16. I'm a Gymboree "snob" My love for their kids clothes started when Sydney was three and received a dress from there as a gift. I fell in love with their quality and attention to detail and at first I would just buy items here and there on deep discounts. In a short time though I became so hooked that I just sorta stop shopping anywhere else and now it's the only brand I buy.

17. I'm a very strange combination of being both blunt and a people pleaser which sometimes conflict with each other.

18. I've been known to plan fun outings all in the name of scrapbooking and for photographic opportunities, but it's a win win situation, right?!

19. I love when Yoshi kisses me goodbye in the morning all freshly shaven and decked out in his suit and tie (I must remember to thank his boss for the formal dress code).

20. I'm no good at keeping stuff bottled up inside. When I'm upset, I rant, I feel better and it's forgotten.

21. I love collecting my favorite TV shows on DVD. I own the complete series for Felecity (of course), Veronica Mars, I love Lucy, Friends, Gilmore Girls, The Flintstones, The original Scooby Doo's, The Disney collector Cartoon shorts, and Looney Tunes (gotta introduce my girls to all the good old cartoons of my day).

22. Yoshi's laid back nature is the perfect compliment to my intense personality. I like to think in turn I spice up his otherwise mundane life. LOL. :)

23. Somehow I've never managed to hold onto a best friend for longer than three years without them moving away (this has happened 4 times). Now with my friend Sandi's case our friendship started online when we were both on the same design team so we were never in the same town to begin with, but it's starting to feel like some strange curse.

24. My favorite midnight snack is Cookie Dough Pop-tarts and a glass of milk. Yum!

25. The most romantic gesture Yoshi ever did for me was on the first day of my Senior Year of college. I was just having a really lousy day, feeling down in the dumps watching my roommate and her boyfriend being all lovey dovey (no offense Rebekah). Yoshi had just moved to Bend for a new job and it was my first time at school without him and I was really feeling his absence. Anyway, I started to kinda vent about it on the phone with him late that night and without any comforting remarks he said he needed to go and hung up. After a few minutes I started to get kinda ticked and called him back, but there was no answer. Three hours later he knocked on my door. He had driven all the way from Bend to Corvallis just to give me a hug. I knew he was the one for me after that. He was only able to stay for about 3 or 4 hours before having to make the drive back to go to work the next day.

Well, there ya have it. Sorry I'm so long winded. Apparently I don't have it in me to give short answers. Just call me Paula. LOL. :)

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I am jumping back into paper crafting with both feet after working crazy long hours at a home business that didn't make me happy. The ironic thing is my business started as a way for me to make extra money to buy all my favorite scrapbook supplies. Unfortunately it took me way too long to realize that while I was able to buy all the supplies I was drooling over, I hardly had the time to actually play with them. Well, that's all over. I have made the decision to pursue my dreams of working for my favorite manufacturers and submitting my designs more regularly to the magazines. It may sound sappy and trite, but I've learned that creating daily and sharing this hobby with friends is what truly makes me happy!   :)

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Welcome To My Blog!

Well, I did it! I finally sat down and within a few hours figured out how to start a my new blog complete with background templates, music and a slideshow. Woo-Hoo! What an accomplishment! Unfortunately now it's 2:41 and I'm buzzing and don't feel sleepy. I got so wrapped up in this I forgot to make Sydney her lunch for tomorrow. Oops!
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